If you are interested in computers and electronics, or if you want to buy an inexpensive notebook or desktop computer, a reliable computer accessories store could be the answer to your needs. You can choose to build an affordable desktop computer that gives you the chance to buy and install the
components you want, so that you know exactly what the system specifications are going to be.
This way you will figure out that buying the components separately to build a computer on your own will save you a great deal of money compared to the actual cost of a pre - assembled computer. However this is not something you can do, unless you have the knowledge to build a desktop computer.
It is not as hard as you might think as long as you have some basic experience with computer hardware. It is not rocket science, but it does require quite much time. Building a computer on your own, with separate computer parts is both fun and useful and will give you an insight on the workings of a computer. So, next time your computer crashes, you will know what to look for without losing valuable time.
Building an affordable computer on your own requires the necessary computer parts and tools. You will need a CPU, RAM, at least one hard drive, a DVD drive - optical drive, a motherboard, a sound card, a graphic card, fans, a tower, keyboard and mouse, a tower and a monitor. You can opt for additional RAM if you wish your computer to be fast enough. These are the basic hardware parts you will need, along with the pertinent and suitable cables. One of the first things you need to consider is check what type of RAM and cards your motherboard holds - there are two basic types of RAM in the market, the DRAM and SDRAM, so you need to know which one to buy.
There is also an array of additional parts and components you can buy if you wish to upgrade your computer such as TV and Radio card, microphone and camera and so on. It all depends on your needs and your budget. However, these things are extras and can be added and installed at any time later as well. One of the basic things you will need once you have all the hardware installed is an operating system, such as Windows XP or 7.
If planning to build your inexpensive desktop computer, you can buy the computer parts you want from a reliable computer hardware store. In most cases, people who work in such stores have all the needed knowledge to help you and guide you through this complicated DIY process. They can tell you which parts you are going to need, what are the best parts to buy and what can meet your special needs the best. Not all people have the same needs so it all depends on what you are using your computer for and how experienced you are.


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